Some strings

Some strings is :

alain gomis, alain kassanda, ali arkady, ali cherri, alice brygo, amel alzakout, amie barouh, anhar salem, anne penders, annick leroy & julie morel, apichatpong weerasethakul, aude fourel, axelle poisson, bahia bencheikh el fegoun, basma al-sharif, baya medhaffar, ben rivers, ben russell, bani khoshnoudi, bo wang, bruce clarke, charlie shackleton, christophe clavert, claire fontaine, collectif hawaf, corinne castel, dalila mahdjoub, dania reymond, daniela ortiz, declan clarke, djamel kerkar, dora garcía, elena lópez riera & philippe azoury, éléonore weber, ellie ga, eric baudelaire, eva giolo, eyal sivan, fernanda pessoa, francis alÿs, franssou prenant, génesis scarlet valenzuela valdez, ghassan salhab, hassen ferhani, idit nathan, ignacio agüero, ismaïl bahri, jayce salloum, jeremiah mosese, jerónimo atehortúa, jilani saadi, joie estrella horwitz, julie courel, juruna mallon, kamal aljafari, khaled abdulwahed, kiswendsida parfait kaboré, khristine gillard & mohammad hammash & filip momikj, kyoshi sugita, lana daher, laura huertas millán, lav diaz, léandre bernard brunel, lene berg, leos carax, lucie kerr, m’hand abadou djezairi & marcel mrejen, mali arun, maria aparicio, marielle chabal, marwa arsanios, maryam tafakory, mehdi meklat & badroudine saïd abdallah, michaël andrianaly, mira adoumier, misha zavalniy, mitra farahani, mohamed bourouissa, mohanad yaqubi, monica maurer, nadia ghanem, narimane mari, naël khleifi, niles atallah, noma omran & ossama mohammed, nour ouayda & vartan avakian, newton ifeanyi aduaka, onyeka igwe, pablo sigg, philip rizk, philippe parreno, pierre creton, primo mauridi, raman djafari, renée nader messora & joão salaviza, saif fradj & mahshid mahboubifar, safia benhaim, samir guesmi, sarah beddington, sarah wood, sepideh farsi, serge garcia, sharon lockhart, silvia maglioni & graeme thomson, simplice herman ganou, soumeya ait ahmed & nadir bouhmouch, suneil sanzgiri, tariq teguia, taysir batniji, valentin noujaïm, valérie massadian, valérie osouf & cromix onana, virgil vernier, wendelien van oldenborgh & cathleen schuster & marcel dickhage (titre provisoire), wiame haddad, wilmarc val, yann gonzales & alain garcia vergara, yannick kergoat, yohei yamakado, yosr gasmi & mauro mazzocchi, youssef chebbi (more strings to come) will keep on giving news about more initiatives throughout the world. 

Les Ateliers Sauvages, Algiers, 25 june 2024

Filmmakers and artists from around the world have formed Some strings, an ensemble of unreleased filmic gestures that, along with others, tell the story of the events that occur in the world, so that witnesses increase. “Each memory that is freed is the first step for all memories to gather” (Edouard Glissant).

Some strings is rooted in that which stains the screens of history: in Palestine, where poet and teacher Refaat Alareer, like so many others beings, was targeted by Israeli strikes and killed along with seven other members of his family.

His last poem, “If I Must Die”, written between earth and sky five weeks before his death, calls for the making of a kite with some strings. Some strings is the legacy of such call, as did each of
his readers inherits it as well. The kite, now an object of resistance, and its strings, now in the hands of some one hundred artists, represent a diversity of perspectives on one of the darkest moments of the 21st century.

Some strings is released as widely as possible, all over the world, in theaters as part of a pre-show program, in festivals, also in a row, in a wide variety of spaces, because everyone take it own piece of string.

if i must die,
you must live
to tell my story
to sell my things
to buy a piece of cloth
and some strings,
(make it white with a long tail)
so that a child, somewhere in gaza while looking heaven in the eye awaiting his dad who left in a blaze— and bid no one farewell
not even to his flesh
not even to himself—
sees the kite, my kite you made, flying up above and thinks for a moment an angel is there bringing back love
if i must die
let it bring hope
let it be a tale

FID Marseille / june 25 to 30
LA COMPAGNIE Marseille / june 25 to 30
CINEMA GALERIES Bruxelles / from june 26 with no limit (exhibition and pre-program)
LES ATELIERS SAUVAGES Alger / from june 25 with no limit (exhibition)
ZUMZEIG Barcelone / from June 28 (to be announced)
TY FILMS Mellionnec / from june 27 to 30 (6-film short program)
FESTIVAL OBSKURA Rennes / july 3 to 7
ASSOCIATION ZABARRA Palerme / Starting July (program to be announced)
LA BANTITA Palerme / Starting July (program to be announced)
CINEMADART Tunis / from july 7 with no limit (long form and pre-program)
LAGO FILM FEST Lago / july 29 to 27 (program to be announced)
WERKSTATT KINO Munich / mid-July, program to be announced)
CINEMA SPOUTNIK Genève / september (program to be announced)
CINEMA BIO en collaboration avec le festival FIFDH Carouge / September (program to be announced)
ERG - École de recherche graphique Bruxelles / september (program to be announced)
Rencontres cinématographiques de Bejaia / september 21 to 26 (program to be announced)
CASA DE COMMUN Lisbon / from october 19 to 29 (program to be announced)
DOC LISBOA Lisbon / from october 19 to 29 (program to be announced)
Further venues will be announced in the coming months in Lausanne, Strasbourg, Oslo, London, NYC, Madrid, Rome, California, Berwick, Paris, Melbourne, Milan, Porto Vecchio, Montreal, Tokyo, Dharamshala ...